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Nur Fatin Amysya

Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent

Nur Fatin Amysya was born and raised in Temerloh, Pahang well-known as “Bandar Ikan Patin”. She graduated with Bachelor of Biotechnology from the International Islamic University majoring in Food Biotechnology.

Prior to joining Adipven, Amysya worked as a Compliance Executive and a Production Associate at a couple of international pharmaceutical companies. She was directly involved in quality management system and manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) requirement by strictly adhering to the standard operating procedures, good documentation practices and quality control.

She had undergone her internship training at Plant Biotechnology Incubator Unit (PBIU) at University Malaya under Centre for Research in Biotechnology for Agriculture (CEBAR). During her internship, she had conducted two projects where her first project entitled “Plant multiplication via Tissue Culture” was successfully commercialized to the market where the products mainly banana and pineapple cultivars were supplied to the industry buyers. Her final year project was mainly focused on the microbial isolation followed by genomic DNA extraction and analysis of DNA sequenced data. During her final year project, she successfully isolated five species of lactic acid bacteria from various fermented foods and using 16S rRNA sequencing analysis to identify the bacteria species. Her project include the phylogenetic analysis to access the evolutionary relationship of bacteria species using a neighbor-joining method. Working in pharmaceutical companies and conducting research had gave her a valuable insight about the significance of intellectual property right, thus encourage her to dive in the intellectual property industry.

In her spare time, Amysya loves playing badminton, cycling and wall climbing. She enjoys travelling across the world, experiencing new cultures, nature, foods and engaging into new activities.

She speaks fluent English and Malay.