From its headquarters in KL, ADIPVEN™ acts as a one-stop IP and commercialization centre to coordinate all our clients IP and commercialization matters in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines etc. As an Asian Intellectual Property Partner, ADIPVEN™ provides a total IP and commercialization solution from a single contact point. If you have an enquiry on IP and commercialization in any Asian countries, all you need to do is to write to us instead of contacting all your associates and agents in those countries.


ADIPVEN™ assists clients in conducting novelty, infringement and landscape patent searches. ADIPVEN™ also assists in drafting and filing patent applications for our domestic and foreign clients throughout Asia. Our subject matter experts are experienced patent drafters with suitable technical backgrounds such as chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology, microbiology etc.

Although most Asian countries only provide standard patent protections, countries like Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand provide a further protection in the form of utility innovation, utility model and petty patent system.


ADIPVEN™ assists clients in conducting thorough trademark searches and advises clients on the best strategy in obtaining trademarks in Asia.

Asia is the largest region in the world and with the largest population in the world. Asia is multi-ethic, multi-religious, multi-lingual and multi-cultural society. Although English in widely spoken in Asia, there are other local languages which are being widely used within the country such as Mandarin (in countries like China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore), Malay (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei), Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam (India and Sri Lanka), Urdu (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) Arabic (Middle East), Tagalog (The Philippines), Thai (Thailand), Vietnamese (Vietnam), Cambodian (Cambodia) etc. Therefore, it is prudent to select trademarks with appropriate to language and alphabet. It is also important have the trademarks to be translated and transliterated into the local languages.

Industrial Designs

ADIPVEN™ assists clients in conducting industrial design searches and file industrial design to applications.

Industrial design refers features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied on an article by any industrial process or means. In Asia, some countries follow multi-class applications whereas others follow single-class applications.


Asia generally has developed copyright laws and most of them are members of the Berne Convention. In most Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, there is no registration system for registering or depositing copyrighted materials. Therefore, ADIPVEN™ assists clients in preparing Statutory Declarations in affirming the ownership of the copyright materials.

However in countries like Indonesia and India, it is advisable to register the copyrighted materials with the Copyright Office and this enables the copyright owners to claim damages in court in the event that their copyright has been infringed by third parties.

ADIPVEN™ assists clients in registering copyrighted materials with the Copyright Office and assists in copyright infringement cases with our associate law firm.

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications (GI) refer to a product which indicate its place or area of origin and possess certain qualities, enjoy certain reputation and other characteristics of the product due to its geographical origin.

This is one of the new legislations and has been used extensively by clients particularly from the European regions.

As a registered GI agent, ADIPVEN™ can assist clients in filing and prosecuting GI applications in Malaysia and abroad.

Licensing And Transfer of IP Ownership

ADIPVEN™ assists clients in drafting license agreements and assignments. ADIPVEN™ also advises of corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions.

IP Trainings And Talks

ADIPVEN™ assists clients in providing IP related trainings and talks to ensure that clients’ management team, research and development team, managers and the entire clients’ staff members understand and appreciate the use of IP rights as a main tool to grow.

IP Audit And IP Valuation

ADIPVEN™ assists clients conducting IP Audit to determine various IP rights that clients may have and in valuating clients’ IP rights. Once identified, ADIPVEN™ assists clients in ensuring their IP rights are properly secured, managed and commercialized.


Asia still faces with IP piracy problems. Asia is well connected via sea and air. Pirated goods can be easily transported within Asia and beyond.

ADIPVEN™ assists clients in enforcing their IP rights. Asian countries which were former British colonies such as Malaysia, Singapore, India, Australia (Commonwealth countries) follow the English legal systems. Other countries like China, Indonesia, Taiwan etc. having their own unique legal systems. Therefore, it is important to identify the differences in the laws so that the clients’ rights can be fully protected.