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Patent Search & Registration Company in Malaysia

From its headquarters in KL, ADIPVEN™ acts as a one-stop IP and commercialization centre to coordinate all our clients IP and commercialization matters in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines etc. As an Asian Intellectual Property Partner, ADIPVEN™ provides a total IP and commercialization solution from a single contact point. If you have an enquiry on IP and commercialization in any Asian countries, all you need to do is to write to us instead of contacting all your associates and agents in those countries.


ADIPVEN™ assists clients in conducting novelty, infringement and landscape patent searches. ADIPVEN™ also assists in drafting and filing patent applications for our domestic and foreign clients throughout Asia. Our subject matter experts are experienced patent drafters with suitable technical backgrounds such as chemistry, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, information and communication technology (ICT), biotechnology, microbiology etc.

Although most Asian countries only provide standard patent protections, countries like Malaysia, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia and Thailand provide a further protection in the form of utility innovation, utility model and petty patent system.


“We use ADIPVEN™ for all our IP matters throughout the world and ADIPVEN™ gives excellent service and has never disappointed us”

– Sally Chen, Malaysia

“We have transferred all our IP files to ADIPVEN™ from our previous IP associates as we found ADIPVEN™ is very capable of advising us about the strategies required to secure our IP rights”

– Peter Walker, Australia

“We choose ADIPVEN™ as they have high level of understanding and appreciation of our products and brands”

– Williams C. Hans, United States of America

“I personally, really like their tagline – Your Asian Intellectual Property Partner. They address themselves as partners to their clients and this gives me assurance that my company’s interest is well taken care of”

– Brian Jensen, Denmark

“ADIPVEN™ provides the best service at the very affordable price and promptly. We would recommend them to all potential clients out there”

– C. Ramamurthy, India