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Trademark Search Agent In Malaysia

Welcome to ADIPVEN™, one of Asia’s most established and leading intellectual property (IP) consultancy and commercialization firm. ADIPVEN™ is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia.

ADIPVEN™ attorneys have extensive experience in IP and commercialization of IP. ADIPVEN™ is founded by a group of IP and commercialization experts who see the importance of setting up an Asian-wide firm with international and local experts.

ADIPVEN™ is proud to be part of the Asian revolution and will continue to work to ensure that Asia continues to be hub for IP and commercialization. Staying true to its tagline, ADIPVEN™ – Your Asian Intellectual Property Partner, ADIPVEN™ treats its clients as its own business partners and therefore the assistance that ADIPVEN™ provides to its clients is more than what clients demand as ADIPVEN™ wants its clients succeed in all their undertakings.

ADIPVEN™ can provide the following services to its clients:

  • Advising the best IP protection and IP strategies;
  • Conducting various types of searches, such as novelty patent search, patent landscape search, patent infringement search, availability trademark search, trademark infringement search, novelty industrial design search and industrial design infringement search;
  • Filing patent, trademark, industrial design and copyright applications;
  • Patent, trademark and industrial design monitoring service;
  • Trademark oppositions;
  • IP renewals and annuities;
  • New Plant Variety Rights;
  • Geographical Indication (GI);
  • IP valuation;
  • IP audit;
  • Commercialization strategies;
  • Trainings and talks on IP and commercialization;
  • Licensing, assignment, merger and acquisition;
  • Enforcements; and
  • Litigation support for patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright, trade secret, confidential information, geographical indication infringement and revocation cases. This is done together with our associate law firm.

ADIPVEN™ IP experts comprise a talented team of lawyers, Malaysian patent attorneys, Malaysian trademark attorneys, Malaysian industrial design attorneys, Malaysian copyright attorneys, Malaysian geographical indications attorneys, Malaysian new plant variety and plant breeder’s rights attorneys as well as commercialization experts. Our patent attorneys come with various technical backgrounds such as chemistry, biotechnology, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information and communication technology (ICT). All its experts are experienced practitioners and have worked in the area of intellectual property and commercialization for many years.

ADIPVEN™ assists its clients in filing applications for patents, trademarks, industrial designs in the entire Asian region directly in the countries where ADIPVEN™ has its own offices and through strategic exclusive arrangements ADIPVEN™ has with its associates and agents in the countries where ADIPVEN™ does not have its own offices. ADIPVEN™ is also able to assist its clients by bringing their inventions to the marketplace.

From its headquarters in KL, ADIPVEN™ acts as a one-stop IP and commercialization centre to coordinate all our clients IP and commercialization matters in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, The Philippines etc. As an Asian Intellectual Property Partner, ADIPVEN™ provides a total IP and commercialization solution from a single contact point. If you have an enquiry on IP and commercialization in any Asian countries, all you need to do is to write to us instead of contacting all your associates and agents in those countries.

ADIPVEN™ also works with the best IP and commercialization firms around the world in ensuring our clients rights are fully secured and properly managed not only in Asia but also in the Americas and Europe.

ADIPVEN™ assures its clients that all their basic enquiries will be attended within 1 working day at no cost to you. All complicated enquiries will be attended to within 2 to 5 working days.

Unlike other IP practitioners who may be able to advise you purely on IP aspect, ADIPVEN™ is able to advise you on both IP and commercialization as ADIPVEN™ has experts in both fields. ADIPVEN™ will understand clients’ needs; will help clients to leverage their goodwill and brand through the best strategies. Clients are our partners. Our mantra is simple. ADIPVEN™ will only be successful if our clients are successful.

ADIPVEN™ is a proud and an active member of:

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Our Experts

Registered Patent Agent
Registered Trademark Agent
Registered Industrial Design Agent
Registered Geographical Indications Agent
Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent


Rama as he is fondly known to his friends and clients, has a degree in Applied Chemistry and postgraduate degree in law from University Malaya, the primer and most prestigious Malaysian university.

He is a Registered Malaysian Patent Agent (Registration No. PA/2007/0177), Registered Malaysian Trade Mark Agent Registration No. 4252), Registered Malaysian Industrial Design Agent (Registration No. ERP/2007/0016), Registered Malaysian Geographical Indications Agent (Registration No. 0006/GI) and Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent.

He is involved in patent, trade mark, industrial design, geographical indications, new plant variety and grant of breeder’s right, copyright matters and also issues freedom to operate opinions and infringement opinions. He is also involved in providing litigation support to clients who were involved in IP litigation in many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, China, United States, Europe, Russia, Argentina etc. Rama is actively involved in the promotion of IP, speaking at many local and foreign conferences. He has also been invited by international agencies such as International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation (ISTIC) which is under the auspices of UNESCO, Hong Kong Trade Development Center (HKTDC), University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) as well as various local government and private entities. He was invited by Japanese Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) to deliver an e-learning seminar on trade mark and design prosecution and litigation systems in ASEAN countries in English language and he has the distinction to be the first Asian to have done so. The seminar has been broadcast to more than 10000 patent attorneys in Japan.

Rama loves the environment. He is an active member of various non-government organizations which promote care to Mother Earth. He was a founding board member of the Indian Graduates Cooperative, a cooperative which was formed in 2015 with the aim of improving business skills of Malaysian graduates of Indian origin.

Rama enjoys playing all sorts of sports, especially football and badminton during his leisure time. He is a hardcore supporter of the English soccer team, Manchester United.

Rama is a member of the Asia-Pacific Trademark Office Relations Subcommittee under the Trademark Office Practices Committee of International Trademark Association (INTA).

He speaks fluent English, Malay and his mother tongue, Tamil.

Dr. S. PartibanDirector
Registered Geographical Indications Agent
Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent

Dr. Partiban was born and raised in Kedah, the rice bowl state of Malaysia.

He is a multitalented person who has achieved great success as an academician, trainer, a football coach and now an IP practitioner.

At Adipven, he is involved in patent, trade mark, industrial design, geographical indications, new plant variety and grant of breeder’s right, copyright matters and also issues freedom to operate opinions and infringement opinions.

He has a strong academic background where he has Bachelor degree in Biochemistry, a Master’s Degree and PhD in Entomology.

His career began as an academician when he was 24 years old. He has taught in various institutions such as colleges and universities. Dr. Partiban was appointed as an Associate Professor at last university that he taught. He has 15 years experience in teaching and feels proud that he has accomplished something great in his life as an educationist.

He is also very passionate in doing research besides teaching. Through research, he has gained some insights into how to explore new territories of knowledge. He has won gold award for best researcher in 2016. He is also an active member in Entomological Society of Malaysia.

He has published various articles and books. Some of the publications include:

  1. Partiban Subramanian, Fauziah Abdullah and Halijah Ibrahim (2016). Chemical composition and antifeedant activity of the leaves of Chrysanthemum indica against Asian subterranean termites, Coptotermes gestroi and Coptotermes curvignathus. Pest Management, 15(7), 1-7. (Under Revision)
  2. Muthulinggam Nishan and Partiban Subramanian. (2015). Toxicity activity of Azadirachta indica and Murraya koenigii against Aedes albopictus larvae in laboratory conditions. Journal of Biodiversity and Environmental Sciences. 7(3), 27-35. ISSN 2220-6663 (Print) 2222-3045 (Online). (ISI-Cited Publication)
  3. Partiban Subramanian and Muthulinggam Nishan. (2015). Biological Activities of Greater galangal, Alpinia galanga: A Review. Journal of Botanical Sciences. Genes & Diseases- S1, 15-19. ISSN: 2320-0189. (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  4. Partiban Subramanian, Che Wan Imanina bt Che Wan Takwa and Nurul Emilia binti Ahmad Zubair. (2015). Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of essential oil of Cymbopogon citratus and Cymbopogon nardus against Enterococcus faecalis. International Journal of Bioscience. 6(9), 9-17. ISSN: 2220-6655 (Print) 2222-5234 (Online). (ISI-Cited Publication)
  5. Muthulinggam Nishan and Partiban Subramanian. (2015). Murraya koenigii (curry leave) – a review on its potential. International Journal of PharmTech Research. 7(4), 566-572. ISSN: 0974-4304 (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  6. Fauziah Abdullah, Partiban Subramanian, Halijah Ibrahim, Sri Nurestri Abdul Malek, Lee Guan Serm and Hong Sok Lai (2015). Chemical composition and antifeedant activity of the rhizomes of galangal, Alpinia galanga against Asian subterranean termites, Coptotermes gestroi and Coptotermes curvignathus. Journal of Insect Science, 15(7), 1-7. (ISI-Cited Publication)
  7. Muthulinggam Nishan and Partiban Subramanian. (2014). Pharmacological and non- Pharmacological activity of Azadirachta indica (Neem) – A review. International Journal of Biosciences. 5(6), 104-112. ISSN: 2220-6655 (Print) 2222-5234 (Online). (ISI-Cited Publication)
  8. Fauziah Abdullah and Partiban Subramanian (2008). The feeding response of Epilachna indica (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae: Epilachninae) towards extracts of Azadirachta indica. Journal of Entomology. 5(2) 77-90. ISSN1812-5670 (ISI-Cited Publication)
  9. Fauziah Abdullah, Partiban Subramanian and Faizah Abdullah (2003). The Feeding Stimulant for Epilachna indica (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) from the leave surface of Solanum melongena. Malaysian Journal of Science, 22(2).1-10. ISSN1394-3065 (SCOPUS-Cited Publication)
  10. Victor Antony Santiago Jesudoss, Sundari Victor Antony Santiago, Karthikkumar Venkatachalam, Partiban Subramanian. Zingerone (Ginger Extract) Antioxidant Potential for efficacy in Gastrointestinal and liver disease. (Book Chapter)

Apart from teaching and research experiences, he has been involved in training and development. He has conducted training in research methodology, the magic of making training/teaching fun, personal development and self grooming. He is a certified trainer and possess the Train the Trainer Certificate from Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) and Accredited Training Professional from Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), London.

In addition to that he is actively involved in sports especially football. He was a semi professional football player where he has played for one of the Malaysian teams from 2002 to 2003. He is also actively involved in the football coaching where he is a qualified AFC ‘B’ license football coach and holds Level 2 Sports Science certificate from the Malaysian National Sports Institute.

He speaks fluent English, Malay and his mother tongue, Tamil.

Registered Patent Attorney (Japan)
Registered Trademark Agent (Malaysia)
Registered Geographical Indications Agent (Malaysia)
Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent (Malaysia)

Gami as he is fondly known to his friends and clients, has a Bachelor’s degree in law from Doshisha University, Kyoto and a Master’s degree in law from the world famous Osaka University. He is a Registered Japanese Patent Attorney (Registration No. 18419).

He is involved in trade mark, industrial design, geographical indications, new plant variety and grant of breeder’s right, copyright matters and also issues freedom to operate opinions and infringement opinions.

He is the only Japanese Patent Attorney based in Malaysia. Gami is actively involved in the promotion of IP, speaking at many local and foreign conferences, especially involving Japanese corporations. Being a Japanese citizen, he is able to guide Japanese corporations on IP matters and how to resolve any issues that they may face.

He is a member of the Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA) and the Japan Trademark Association (JTA).

He speaks fluent Japanese and English and has a basic command of Malay.

Jayavaruman SubramaniamSenior Associate
Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent


Jaya was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur and obtained his secondary and pre-tertiary education at Victoria Institution, one of the premier schools in Malaysia before went on to obtain to law degree from the University of London.

He is a Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent.

Jaya wide areas of patent, licensing and geographical indications matters. He manages a wide clientele portfolio from numerous government agencies, and medium enterprises and business start-ups.

Among the core areas within his experiences in ADIPVEN include patent specification drafting, responses to examination reports and novelty searches. He is also involved in advising clients on patent prosecution matters, technical know-how and business commercialization strategies.

He also advises clients on new plant variety and grant of breeder’s right.

Prior to joining ADIPVEN, Jaya has internship experiences in a law firm and in editorial. He has written various articles based on case laws and on matters relating to Intellectual Property and commercialization.

He loves to travel. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing badminton and reading books.

He speaks fluent English, Malay and Tamil.

NORLELA MAT LIASSenior Associate
Registered Trade Mark, Industrial Design, New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent


Norlela or Lela as she fondly known among clients and friends obtained her secondary and pre-tertiary education in her home state, Johor which is neighboring Singapore. She went on to obtain her degree in Business Administration from the Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) in Kedah. She is a registered Industrial Design, New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent in Malaysia.

She is a registered Trade Mark, Industrial Design, New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent in Malaysia.

Lela specializes in handling patent matters especially filing and prosecution of international (PCT) patent applications and industrial design matters.

She manages a wide clientele portfolio of government agencies and universities. She is involved in advising clients on patent prosecution matters, technical know-how and business commercialization strategies.

Lela has more than six years of working experience in construction and oil and gas industries before she embarked on the fascinating world of intellectual property. Prior to joining ADIPVEN, she has more than two years of working experience in another IP firm in Kuala Lumpur.

She enjoys reading, listening to music and sightseeing in her leisure time.

She speaks fluent English and Malay.

Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent

Aisyah as she is fondly known by her friends and clients, was born and raised in Raub in the Malaysian eastern state of Pahang. She successfully completed her tertiary study with Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology (Hons) from INTI University which is one of the most respected and recognised private universities in Malaysia before completing her MSc. (Industrial Science) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

Prior to Adipven, she worked in the Research and Development in a private institution for two years before venturing into the exciting world of intellectual property. Her researches were mainly on environmental monitoring through the development of biosensors. She had worked closely with leading researchers in biosensors whose projects have been recognized locally and internationally. While working as a researcher, intellectual property had caught her attention and she decided to build a career in this field. At Adipven, she mainly involved in conducting patentability analysis report and drafting patent specifications for biotechnology related inventions. Besides that, she also handles trade mark matters.

Aisyah also had successfully published several scientific journals and review articles, as well as presenting her current work at international conferences.

List of publications:

  1. Wan Nurul Aisyah, Wan Jusoh, Ling Shing, Wong & Mee Kin, Chai, 2016. Responses of photosynthetic pigments in Anabaena cylindrica to short term exposure of copper, cadmium and lead, Asian Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Environment and Science, 18(3), 769-773. [SCOPUS LISTED] – Available upon request.
  2. Wan Nurul Aisyah, Chai, M. K. & Wong, L. S., 2015. Whole-cell based fluorescence biosensors for environmental applications, International Journal of Mechanical & Production Engineering (IJMPE), 3(7): 12 – 17. [OPEN JOURNAL](REVIEW ARTICLE)
  3. Wan Nurul Aisyah, W. J. & Wong, L.S., 2014. Exploring the Potential of Whole Cell Biosensor: A Review in Environmental Applications. International Journal of Chemical, Environmental & Biological Sciences (IJCEBS), 2(1): 52 – 56. ISSN: 2320-4087 [OPEN JOURNAL](REVIEW ARTICLE)

As a person, she is charismatic, adventurous, goal-oriented and jovial. She believes that positive energy and the desire to change will let her move forward in her career and personal life. Apart from that, she enjoys exploring new places, playing guitar and yoga.

She speaks fluent English and Malay.

Registered New Plant Variety and Grant of Breeder’s Right Agent

Kumutha was born and raised in the historical tin mining city of Ipoh, Perak. She completed her studies with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Science (Hons) from University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and then pursued her Ph.D in Genetics & Molecular Biology at University of Malaya, the oldest and most prestigious university in Malaysia.

While pursuing her Ph.D, she worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at one of Asia’s leading research facility, High Impact Research (HIR) that is located in University of Malaya. Working HIR has exposed to her numerous high-end and cutting edge research technologies and instruments. Her research focuses on bacterial quorum sensing (QS) and quorum quenching (QQ). Her projects involved studying the potential of Malaysian endemic plants and plant-based synthetic compounds against bacterial QS. Her work further expands into studying quorum sensing bacteria using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for whole genome sequencing and investigating bacterial physiology at a gene expression level by transcriptomics approach using RNA-sequencing technology. Although having being in the research field for a few years, she developed a keen interest in law and decided to venture into intellectual properties.

She has successfully published her research findings in several Tier1 journals listed in the ISI Web of Science/Scopus as well as presenting in conferences and seminars. She also has several papers that are currently being peer-reviewed.

List of publications includes:

  1. Chan K, Priya K, Chang C, Abdul Rahman, AY, Tee KK, Yin W. (2016). Transcriptome analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 grown at both body and elevated temperatures. PeerJ 4: e2223. https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.2223
  2. Chan KG, Joanita S, Delicia AY, Tee KK, Yin WF, Priya K. (2015). Draft Genome Perspective of Staphylococcus saprophyticus Strain SU8, an N¬-Acyl Homoserine Lactone-Degrading Bacterium. Genome Announcement. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.01097-15
  3. Chan KG, Yin WF, Tee KK, Chang CY, Priya K. (2015). Pandoraea sp. Strain E26: Discovery of Its Quorum-Sensing Properties via Whole-Genome Sequence Analysis. Genome Announcement. doi: 10.1128/genomeA.00565-15
  4. Priya K, Yin WF, Chan KG. (2013). Anti-Quorum Sensing Activity of the Traditional Chinese Herb, Phyllanthus amarus. Sensors. 13, 14558-14569.

A nature lover with crave for adventure; she loves out-door activities such as hiking and jungle trekking. She enjoys reading and solving brain teasers. Being an ambitious and goal-oriented person, she believes that one could achieve his/her goals if it is done with passion.

She speaks fluent English, Malay, Tamil and basic Mandarin.

MOGANAH RAMAN Finance Director


Moganah who hails from Kuala Lumpur is a graduate with an honours degree in Accounts and Finance.

As our Accountant and Financial Controller, she is responsible for the overall creation, monitoring and maintenance of our Firm’s accounting and financial information. Besides that she oversees our Firm’s human resources and financial auditing matters.

She speaks fluent English, Malay and her mother tongue, Tamil.


As a Firm that emphasizes on saving the environment and Mother Earth, ADIPVEN™ strictly practices a paper-less system. By relying on the latest and sophisticated hardware and software, ADIPVEN™ ensures all documents from and to clients and IP offices around the world are saved, recorded, managed and searched electronically. ADIPVEN™ encourages sending all correspondence electronically and will only send hard copies if required by clients.

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ADIPVEN™ participates in charity works as part its corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. Besides donating cash, ADIPVEN™ has also donated personal computers to charity organizations around Asia such as old folks’ homes, children homes and schools in rural areas.

  • Our Mission

    ADIPVEN™ aims to provide exceptional service and care to all its clients through the continuous effort, dedication and commitment in ensuring its clients get world class service.

  • Our Vision

    ADIPVEN™ aims to be recognized by clients and competitors as Asia’s finest in providing IP and commercialization services.

  • Our Core Values

    ADIPVEN™ endeavours to create moments where ADIPVEN™ and its clients can say it’s all Benevolence, Excellence, Teamwork, Trustworthy, Environment, Respect (BETTER).

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